Dental Implants


Permanent solution for tooth loss

Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth, from one tooth to an entire complement of teeth. No longer do patients have to have adjacent teeth cut down for a bridge or suffer with loose, uncomfortable, ill fitting dentures.

Implants can be used to stabilize dentures or replace them altogether with a fixed (non-removable) prosthesis. They can truly be life changing, giving people the renewed ability to eat virtually anything and smile with confidence.

Dr. Waasdorp and Dr. Weinstock are experts in all aspects of implant therapy and oral reconstruction, and will work closely with your restorative dentist to give you the best implant care possible. Being a leader in the field, he actively trains and mentors other clinicians in all aspects of implant therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated


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