Implants vs. Dentures


Are you missing a full arch or full set of teeth?

The evolution of implant dentistry has brought treatment options to edentulous (missing teeth) patients that can restore normal function and aesthetics. A trained periodontist and prosthodontist, Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp offer skilled expertise and experience when helping patients restore their smile. We improve your quality of life after tooth loss. Choosing the right option for your unique needs is the key to a result that will be comfortable and lasting.


Choosing a treatment option for replacing a full arch of teeth begins with a consultation with Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp. Our doctors will thoroughly evaluate the overall condition and function of your occlusal system. Then, they will discuss the need for dental care to address problems that could compromise your final outcome. During a consultation, they will take the time to go over your options and discuss important recommendations.

  • Jaw bone health and structure: is there enough healthy and stable jaw bone to support an implant?
  • Gum health: are the gums and soft tissues healthy?
  • Medical conditions: do you have any medical conditions that could impact your oral health over time, possibly affecting the integrity of an implant?
  • Lifestyle habits: do you have any lifestyle habits that could affect recovery from an implant surgical procedure or your long-term result?

Other important factors that Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp will discuss include costs associated with treatment options and the length of time required to achieve your goals. We want your new smile to suit your needs, your appearance, and your budget. Dental implants are almost always more costly and time-consuming up front. Although, the high success rate among current patients is a testament to the many benefits they offer. This can offset your initial investment.

Today’s cosmetic dentures are far superior in fit and function than those placed years ago. Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp will recommend the use of dental implants to secure a denture whenever possible because of the many benefits that they offer. An implant-secured denture will look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Patients enjoy normal chewing, confident speech, and a new smile that they feel great about sharing. There is no need to remove and clean the appliance daily or to use adhesives to keep the denture in place.


Implant dentistry is an evolving field that is becoming more commonplace among dental practices nationwide. The integrity of your result is heavily dependent upon proper and thorough treatment planning, strategic placement and the use of quality materials. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp are not only experienced general dentists but trained periodontists and prosthodontists. These two fields of dentistry are focused on the treatment of lost teeth, addressing both periodontal and functional concerns.

Our office provides complete care for the placement of dental implants under one roof- there is no need to visit other specialists for diagnostics or surgical placement of the post. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp use advanced CT scanning in our office for treatment planning, leading to more predictable results. Complete care with Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp is convenient and ensures a more consistent result for patients.

If you are missing teeth or suffering from poorly fitted dentures that slip, schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp in our Devon dental practice. A secure new smile just might change your life.

Achieve a smile to suit your needs, your appearance, and your budget

No adhesives required to keep the denture in place

Implant-secured dentures will look, feel and function like your natural teeth


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