Single Tooth Implants


Single tooth dental implants are the most natural and lasting replacement for a missing tooth. Dental implants are designed to provide patients with long-term benefits that improve their oral health and their quality of life.  Philadelphia, PA prosthodontists Dr. David Weinstock and Dr. Jonathan Waasdorp offer comprehensive dental implant services tailored to the individual needs and dental concerns of each patient.


Even just one missing tooth can impact your oral health. Left untreated, a missing tooth can jeopardize the integrity of your jaw bone, increase the likelihood of additional tooth loss and the risk of developing gum disease. Replacing the missing tooth as soon as possible is ideal for stabilizing the bone and preventing shifting of the teeth which may require additional restorative dental procedures to correct. When treated early, the dental implant will be able to be surgically implanted directly into the socket of the missing tooth. This method allows for predictable, sturdy, and natural looking results.

  • Support bone retention
  • Prevent shifting of teeth
  • Help deter infection
  • Restore function to bite
  • Restore aesthetics to smile
  • Improve quality of life


The dental implant procedure will require a few visits to our Philadelphia area dentist office. Your first visit will be a personalized consultation with Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp in which you will discuss your oral health and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp will take the time to listen to you, and help you build a dental implant treatment plan that will both restore your oral health and increase your confidence in your beautiful smile. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Waasdorp provide comprehensive implant services for quality and consistent results.

The tiny titanium screw will be surgically implanted into your jaw bone. In most cases, Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp will fit you with a temporary crown so that you may eat and speak with ease. The implant will take anywhere from 3-8 months to fully heal. As the dental implant heals it fuses with bone creating a permanent bond. Once healed, Dr. Weinstock or Dr. Waasdorp will custom design and fabricate a dental crown that will be permanently attached to your implant. Your dental crown will be color matched and designed to blend in with your natural smile.

While dental implants are highly resistant to discoloration and decay, they depend on healthy bone and gum tissue to succeed. It is important to practice diligent oral hygiene daily to help maintain the health of all of your teeth, natural or prosthetic. Biannual dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings can also help keep your gums and teeth health for years to come.


Highly resistant to discoloration and decay

Comprehensive implant services tailored to individual needs and concerns

Most natural and lasting replacement for a missing tooth


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